How to Change Country/Region in App Store on iPhone/iPad

You want to change the country of your App Store on your iPhone there are multiple reasons why you’re going to change maybe you are moving to another country in most cases people change their apps store country due to traveling to some different location so it can be done in your App store all you required to follow the step by step guide which we mentioned in this post

Note that for many of you, it may work great but still a few things that are responsible for why you cannot able to change the App Store location which we mention below

Why Change the County in AppStore on iPhone/iPad

Many of us change our country in App Store due to the certain reason and the main reason why people change is they migrated or traveling to that country so they need to access apps in that location you find that some of the apps are not available in some of the reason so it’s required you to change your App Store location

By changing the country of your app store you will be redirected to the desired location apps store where you can able to access apps and games but make sure that some of the apps may be available due to the location change due to some restrictions

if you are migrated to the US and want to install one app that is currently available in US AppStore like Hulu, then you require to change the location also depends upon you why you want to change the location in the app store

How to change the location of the app store

To change the location of the App Store you are required to go to your Apple ID

after that, you will find Media & Purchase

View Account

Country & Region

Review the Information and update the same you likely changed the AppStore

This is how you can change the Appstore location on your iPhone and iPad

How to change the location of the Web(PC and Mac)

Log in to Apple ID on Web

Now Navigate to Personal Information

Tap on Country & Region

Update the Information and Payment method and Done

How to Fix can’t change the app store region

Anyone who is facing can’t change the app store region due to the following reasons where some of which I faced when I tried to do may be in your case you are also doing the same thing on your iPhone that responsible you check first

Cancel anyone going subscriptions: Most of us have some kind of subscription that is own going or if you have taken any subscription which is still ongoing you fast have to cancel that subscription it may be like apple music or not easy whatever the subscription you are using right now you have to first cancel that subscription to cancel that subscription you need to go to subsection tab and find which is active and cancel that thing

How to Find the Subscriptions

go to settings on Apple ID

Tap to Subscriptions

And Cancel the Subscriptions Done

or You can also try going to App Store >Subscriptions

Wait for the subscription End: Suppose you are taken a subscription to Apple TV or Apple Music but you suddenly cancel that subscription and your time period still left then on that case you need to wait for the particular time when you are subscribed and otherwise you cannot change your location your subscription must need to be ended

As you can check no matter if I need to wait for the subscription still i have to wait until 8 August

leave family groups: Family group sir best minute comes to sharing our subscription do anyone and you are part of any ongoing subscription to your family and friends then first you leave to leave out any family members group for subscriptions for me I use family sharing and I use mostly Apple music to share to my family groups if you have certain types of family groups then you should first leave that To Leave the Family Sharing

Go to Your Apple ID

Tap on Family

Tap on Your Name

Tap on Stop Using Family Sharing

Cancel your pre-orders: If you have any kind of Pre-orders  so you are required to cancel your periods to change your country for me I don’t have any pre-orders in this case with you if you have any then cancel your order first

utilize your pending store credits: I usually use store credits to purchase subscriptions or any app so I don’t mean time you need to understand that If you have to tell store credits left you first have to utilize that otherwise it is impossible to actually Impossible for anyone to change the location So utilize a pending Store

To Check your Pending Store Credit

Go to Your Apple ID Again

Tap to Media & Purchase

Check the Pending Credit

The best way to utilize the subscription is to utilize it for any subscription or App Purchase it depends upon you how you will utilize the store credits

Wait for the store credit refund: Are you still looking for your store credit refund and not yet credited so you need to wait for those door credit refunds after that you can change the app store

So These are the things you need to check before you change the App Store region on your iPhone

Finally, you understand how you can able to change the county or region in the app store on your iPhone and iPad