How to Add Spotify Widget on Lock Screen on iPhone/iPad

Are you using Spotify on your iPhone?

most of you use Spotify on your iPhone and I used my iPhone and sometimes I even use it on my Android too But when it comes to adding a widget the iPhone iOS 16 allows you to add widgets if you using iPhone-supported iOS 17 you can also add this on your iPhone to

so this work for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, XR, or later whatever iPhone you are using but make sure the widget feature is working on your iPhone then you can add the widget Spotify on the lock screen

Things you need to know about Spotify Widget

The best thing about I like about Spotify is that you can listen to songs only on iPhone for free as it allows a free tier also it has multiple options available for premium plans as well I know most of you are still on Free Tier

To add a widget on your iPhone that’s the coolest feature you can get by adding Spotify Widget on your iPhone you can directly move to the app by typing on Spotify and this is great

on the lock screen, most of you don’t have access open any app it depends on whether a particular app that it’s supports the widget or not Spotify supports which can be used with the lock screen, and when you tap on Spotify on the lock screen It automatically open Spotify

How to enable Spotify Widget on your iPhone

If you want to enable Spotify to visit your iPhone made sure you installed Spotify on your iPhone after that you can enable it all you have to do is go to your lock screen

and after that tab on the new Widget

then you will find there is a Spotify Widget

all you can do is add that widget and save it done

now whenever you tap on Spotify Widget it will automatically open the app

And you can play different songs in my experience it’s a good feature as you don’t require to go to your home screen and then open it I know many of you usually listen to songs and your screen is locked and with the lock screen you can jump to the app

Will Spotify Widget Work on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Spotify Widget will not work on iOS 15 if you try to add you are unable to do it as this feature will only work with iOS 16-supported iPhones like iPhone 8 and later

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