How to Add Multiples Timers on Your iPhone/iPad in iOS 17

Did you know that you can Add multiple timers in your iPhone in iOS 17

This will help you out if you use a timer a lot especially the multiple ones on your iPhone or iPad this thing I tried this on my iPhone XR and it works perfectly so you can add multiple timers and it will show in your lock screen as well which I think good for you if you use more often multiple timers

so this feature is right now working on iOS 17 which means if you are not on iOS 17 you need to update your iPhone at least for iOS 17 beta for now or you can wait for the final release as well

Things you need to know about multiple timers in iOS 17

So this a unique feature you can say on the iOS 17 and that you can also enable this type of thing but the problem with this is you can only have one time at a time now you can add multiple timers this shows up on the lock screen and you can adjust with time to time

This is quite helpful forĀ those who multi-task and use the multi-timers on their phone no need to install any third-party apps you can now use it with your iPhone only for multiple purposes like daily tasks, for study, and lots of other stuff

How to Enable Multiple Timers in iOS 17

This is quite easy to enable multiple times on your iPhone All you require iOS 17 If you are usingĀ an iPhone XR or any later then even easily tap on the clock

Move to Timer

Now Add the Timer Press Plus Icon

Add Multiple Timers if you want to Add as you can find my last timers which were set for up to 2 hours and more After adding the multiple timers you find that it’s showing on your lock screen

You’re Done

How to Delete the Multiple Timers

If you want to delete the timers you can delete the timer on your lock screen or you can simply delete it on the clock again if you want to delete you can use both two processes so this is how you can add multiple timers on your iPhone iOS 17

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