How to Add Green Screen on iMovie iPhone/iPad

Are you using iMovie on your iPhone and iPad and you want to have a green screen on your videos then in this post, I will tell you how you can exactly add the green screen in iMovie

 I have been using I movie  phone more than IOS now and I most of my videos and it’s I do using it and I can say that this can add it at a good level and you get some basic effects and basics settings  which is great Have a good their numbers of video editors are available what best thing I like about this that it’s free to use on your iPhone and iPad 

Things you need to know about the iMovie

As I movie is free for iPhone and iPad and if you are using it you can still do a grade video editing on this a great possibility you can do with that I tried anything my videos and it can give you good video editing you can use most of its feature like you can dream the video had text also you can  group your videos speed up your videos everything is possible with that when it comes to using green and also can be done easily

So you need iMovie to be installed on your iPhone and my app is updated so let’s find out

How to Add Greenscreen in iMovie on iPhone/iPad

To add a green screen to a video on your iPhone first, you have to go to your iMovie after that

start project movie

Next, you need to add a background

after that add your videos which are on the green screen but make sure you select “Green and BlueScreen”

Tap on the Green Area

you will find that your video of the green screen has been changed

How to Change the Background Color in iMovie

As you already added the green screen to your videos and after successfully changing the background you can also change the different colors of the background if you selected a different color all you need to look at the side you will find a color tab

Just Change the Color

Save it


this is how you can add a Green screen to your videos in iMovie on iPhone/iPad