How To Add Google Search Widget iPhone & iPad iOS 16/17

Widgets Are Getting Better on iPhone When it comes to iOS 17 you will find that most of the Widget right now are interactive means you can interact with Widget Unlike Apple Music you can play pause to Widgets which is great trying but if you trying to Add Google Search on your iPhone Home Screen then what you need to do and how you can able to enable this on your iPhone or iPad

So if you trying to add Google Search on your iPhone and iPad your iPhone must have installed the latest Google App otherwise you cannot find any widgets on the home screen First you require to at least install the latest version of the Google app

Things you need to know about Google Search Widget 

Google search Widget helps you to search things very quickly as it is always visible on your home screen so it’s easy for you to Navigate Google search as it is always better for searching things online and if you are using Google search more often then this will it will really help you out to do things faster on your iPhone and iPad

So first you require the Google App as I already mentioned to you because if you don’t install it you won’t find any widgets on the Widget section when you try to Add it to Your home screen so first install it on your iPhone

How to Add Google Search Widget on Lock Screen

You can also add Google’s Search Widget on the Lock screen as it is always visible on your lock screen and you just need to tap the widget to use this widget in your iPhone in order to add it to your iPhone’s lock screen

Tap and Hold on Lockscreen

Customize it

Add Google Widget

Save it


How to Add Google Widget on Your Home Screen

I know that many of you already installed the Google app then after installing the Google app on your iPhone and iPad you need to move to the home screen and after that,

You have to tap and wait for a second

you will find there is a plus icon available

you find many apps you just need to add a Google Search widget

after adding you can look at what you have Added to Google Widgets on your home screen

This is how you can add Google Widget on your iPhone and iPad on both your lock screen and your home screen as well

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