How to Add Chrome Widget on your lock screen on iPhone/iPad

Are you still using Google Chrome on your iPhone?

And Want to Add its Widget to your iPhone lock screen

I know many of you still using Google Chrome for me I have been using it for a very long time as this is also the default browser on my PC I use mostly Google Chrome for many reasons it doesn’t mean that I am not using Safari I often used for different purposes but for me, Google Chrome is still best as I am a very old user

Adding Google Chrome Widget on your lock screen you can do lots of things I used my iPhone and I found that you not only can add search but there is a lot of Widget available in Chrome you can Add a voice search Widget, you can also add it dino game widget as well

Things you need to know about Google Chrome Widget

When it comes to iOS16 everything changed when it comes to Adding widgets on the lock screen you can add Widgets on your home screen and lock screen with a lock screen widget you will notice that a limited number of apps are currently available to add to your lock screen as I already shared how yo you can add Widgets like WhatsApp, Spotify

By Adding Chrome Widget whenever you Tab on the Widget you simply move to Chrome as you are getting quick access to the which is great

so there are 4 different types of Of Chrome Widget can add to your lock screen

  1. Search

2. Incognito

3. voice search

4. Google Chrome Dino Games

so these are Widget you can add to your lock screen

How to Add Google Chrome Widget on the lock screen

To Add Google Chrome Widget on your iPhone you require to install google chrome on your iPhone or iPad otherwise you cannot see any Chrome Widgets you are required to first install Google Chrome on your iPhone First there after you need to go to your lock screen

  • Tap and hold
  • tap to Widget
  • Search For Chrome
  • now here you can choose which I mention 4 results whatever you want you can add or you can add all widgets
  • after adding save it
  • this is how you can add Google Chrome Widget on your iPhone and iPad

Should you Add this on Your iPhone

Well As I Already Mentioned Adding it to your lock screen always have quick access to Chrome so it depends upon whether you add or remove it as well or you can add one widget only and other available

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