How Fix Any iPhone is not Charging up

Charging an iPhone is changed so far after the normal to wireless charging is quite best most of the iPhones support wireless charging however still old iPhone’s won’t cable due to some hardware limitations such as iPhone 5s,6 & 7 so I know it’s annoying and I personally this issue and overcome but it doesn’t mean that you can fix it at your home still some serious issue can only be authorized Apple store

Why your iPhone is not Charging

Multiple reasons that are responsible for having your iPhone is charging which can be fixed as these are the most common for everyone who uses an iPhone and so what are those reasons

Check Your Cable First

The Biggest problem having with charging cable is that extensive uses it won’t work and we started worrying about what’s going so first to check it with another iPhone in my case most of the time the same issue occurs with other iPhones which help to understand really your iPhone is cable is not working or having a problem with your iPhone

Check your Charging Port

if your charger is working on another iPhone but only iPhone is not charging this could be an issue with your charging port sometimes having some dirt is causing the problem which is the reason your iPhone is not charging

Is your Charger cable is faulty

Not having a compatible charger is again a common issue with the iPhone charger which charging stops or suddenly stops working as most of you prefer another charger so its best to have a compatible charger

The charging cable is broken

We mostly take our charger with a pocket so it helps to charge wherever we go which causes the lightning cable to get broken and it stops taking the charger however sometimes what I face is that charging is working but the problem with sync which no longer works so on

Try to Hard Rest

You can also try to rest your iPhone which sometimes fixes many issues

Tried everything but still, you can’t find any solution then it may indicate that might be in the most case there is a problem with your iPhone

How to Fix iPhone not Charging

Most of the time we change the cable as it is the easy way to do however this does not work with many of us as I already discussed that multiple reasons are responsible so when it comes to fixing all you need to check first and hope some problems may solve but I strongly recommend that you don’t do anything like try to open a battery case to clean your port all you do at your own risk unless changing cable still not work

if you still want to do clean your charging port

In order to clean your charger port, you need a toothpick with some cotton that can fix inside in the port and move the toothpick inside with safe this may work and help many users if still does not work

At the End

Tried everything but still not works which indicate some issue with your having to charge port may need replacement