GTA 5 for Android are you a Fool why not downlaod

GTA 5 for Android are you a Fool why not to downlaod 

In this post I only share about my thoughts about the GTA 5 on Android you might know that you are currently searching for GTA 5 which is not yet released for Android however you still know that PSP, PC and XBOX users are now enjoying currently the GTA 5 Game into their Device but still are searching for GTA 5 for Android

Why Not to Download GTA 5 Game into Your Android

Why not user over day by showing interest over GTA 5 might be one you are currently searching for GTA 5 and currently checking on site which I currently not providing GTA 5 coz there is no GTA 5 yet available for Android and there is why should not install currently GTA 5 however there is few showing that they are playing GTA 5 on their phone will they playing
You know the secret behind of the GTA 5 Android well how you know if you already wasted your data downloading  GTA 5 which is not actually GTA 5 those are the modified version of GTA San Andres’s and GTA 3 They actually making us fool why there is no any GTA 5 they providing however I am not currently including PC, Xbox, and PSP coz the official Website of Rockstar Games shows that there is Available for these platforms but still you noticed there is no GTA 5 for Android Listed there so why you trusting so pleases wait for the official announcement    
Let me ask you simple question are you fool yes not    
However there is time downloading may sometimes download malware Apps so wait when the its hits on App store where the official games and apps are present which are totally malware free try not wasting your data for downloading GTA 5 
So don,t download duplicates apps which shows offering Download GTA or you still download
And GTA san Andres which is right now available on App Store
Stay updated for any GTA 5 official announcement  

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