Google Chrome for iOS 10.3.4 iPhone 5,5c Fix

Google Chrome is Powered by Google and use by most of the people around the globe and we can’t ignore that in order to use google chrome we required to have iOS 12.2 and later which means that you need to have an iPhone 5s and later but what for Chrome for iOS 10.3.4

Things you need to know about Google Chrome

Google Chrome updated to iOS 12.2 and where’s we required to have iPhone 5s and later iPhone but we no matter if you have any iPhone that runs iOS 12 later can able to download chrome and use it in my case I used multiple iPhone’s so I want to test Chrome does it works or not the things that I noticed that it working on my iPhone 5

Most of can’t able to download the Apps on your iPhone 5 which frustrating I know but the reality of the iPhone 5 is that its old and support of apps getting fade away for most of apps

Why I can’t able to download Google Chrome iOS 10

The reason why you can’t able to download google Chrome on your iPhone 5 is due you can’t able to download as latest

I used most of the iPhone’s and the reason iPhone 5 still have and using as secondary the problem is that maybe you get from refurbished or borrow with someone and you using a fresh Apple ID where’s you can’t able to download the app

How to Fix Google Chrome for iPhone 5

As I am running Google Chrome on my iPhone 5 and working perfect it somehow bit laggy on it you can use it as if you want but the thing is that how long it will supported we have no idea about it

How to Download older version of Apps iOS