Funny Faces Apps for iPhone/iPad[Top 10]

Funny Faces Apps for iPhone/iPad[Top 10]

Apps are cool the way its changed our lives we can’t imagine our day to day life without having a phone its sometimes hard to leave phone as simple as we addicted me too so love to try different apps on my iPhone and this time i came up with some Funny Faces Apps for iPhone and iPad

Can i Install it on my iPhone/iPad

Most of the time apps need a sometime latest iOS version with latest iPhones to run apps smoother but it doesn’t mean older iPhones can’t however you may experince some performance issue

funny apps that supports these iOS versions

iOS 9-9.3.6, 10-10.3.4, 12-12.49, 13-17.7, 14-14.2

List of Funny Faces Apps

Snapchat: Why I Put it on the first position there is reason behind it and this app is used by the most of people even i also have this app on iPhone as well when it come to face filters i think one of the best lenses are available to use

iOS version Required : iOS 10

Download Snapchat

Reface : Reface allows users to create clips that by the looks so funny imagine famous Hollywood movies but face is yours and you use it you experience it looks really funny

iOS Required : iOS 13

Download Reface

FaceApp : FaceApp I know when one of my cousin clicks my photo and turn it on as wired looking filters for first i laugh as it so funny many fitters out there you can use it

iOS version required : iOS 12

Download FaceApp

Selfish : Selfish also a funny app which allows to you to try different fitters that funny

iOS version Required : iOS 12

Download Selfish

Banuba : Yet another App same as Selfish allows to create different filters and there is lot more things you can try out on this app and ovreall a good should try at once

iOS version Required : iOS 12

Download Banuba

Prisma : Prisma have many filters on it app and you can try out as many as you can this basically work drawing types and much more and this was also awarded app store of the year in 2016

iOS version Required : iOS 12.2

Download Prisma

Face Changer : Face changer allows you to change face to its collection of different kinds of materials you can try this out as it sometimes again looks so funny

iOS version Required : iOS 9

Download Face Changer

Face Swap : Swapping Face actually looks sometime funny and this app do the same you can swap your face with help of this app you should try a least once

iOS version Required : iOS 9

Download Face Swap

MixBooth : Mixbooth have different as you can Merage two faces in single picture that looks different you can tey out this into your iPhone

iOS version Required : iOS 9

Download Mixbooth

Emoji Face : Emoji Face allows you create you own avatar as it has two ways to do one is facial recognition or you can do it manually but the thing is that the facial recognition is paid and manual free

iOS version Required : iOS 10

Download Face emoji

So, These are the Apps you can try a Funny Faces Apps for iPhone you can try

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Will These Apps Works on my iPhone?

if You are own iOS 9 and later iDevices than you can try this app

Some Apps not Supported?

it may be due you are own iOS 9 or iOS 10?

Is there is compatible version available?

Yes, you can go for but app experince may not good even you require an update

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