Free Music Apps for iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12.5.5 

Most Music requires iOS 13 and if you want an alternative that works on your iPhone and is real I can understand that it’s very frustrating for you to be unable to install music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer Music unless you installed them before as its a very common issue mostly faced by iPhone 5s,6 users  

So, In this post, you will know which apps can be used to listen to music on your iPhone 5s, 6

Music Apps require iOS 13 and later

Most of the popular apps which require iOS 13 where an iPhone 5s or 6 users can’t install for now unless they installed before so still few of the apps are available you can listen to music but some apps may not work due to availability in certain regions

Here I shared apps that still work on iOS 12 for now but long it will available I don’t know may move to iOS 13 or later near future

Music Apps for iPhone 5s,6

If you are unable to install Spotify on your iPhone, especially on iPhone 5s,6 then you can use these apps which are supports iOS 12 for now and don’t guarantee in the future I will work the same for iOS 12 

But, for now, you can use it 

Gaana: Gaana is a music streaming platform that allows you to listen to International and regional songs for free but with an ad-supported function of getting rid of ads you need to opt for the premium which also allows for offline songs 

Wynk: Wynk is yet another music streaming platform from Bharti Airtel which allows you to stream music with ads again have various collections of songs in English and Regional languages like Tamil, and Telugu to offline songs you need to have a premium subscription 

Hungama: Hungama offers international and Regional music and allows you to stream music for free or if you want to do it offline with its Hungama Pro Subscription that allows playing in HD with Ad-Free Experience   

Jio Savan: Jio Savan is a music streaming app that offers again international and regional songs with is free you need to get an ad with interrupts our music experience unless you opt for the subscription  

Trebel: Trebel is a different kind of music streaming that allows listening and offline songs for free with ads and worth it  

Melon: Melon music is a popular music app that offers streaming music but it is available only in South Korea it also offers two free and paid plans that offer extra features

so, these are some of the music apps which you can install on your iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12 and listen to songs