Free Download Best App For iPhone 4 in 2021

Free Download Best App iPhone 4  in 2019

Did You Know that iPhone 4 Announced in Jan 2010 and now we are on 2018 I think you better know that this iPhone 4 is 8 year old but you need to be understand this iPhone still can handle Apps a least with a little lag while App eco-system changed Apple currently not support iPhone 4 for updates and we can ignore this iPhone is too old nowadays also we can’t ignore that current apps are not support for iPhone firmware   
it can’t comparable with the nowadays iPhones but people still using iPhone 4 until now not because of it old too much either we don’t like it but really it was last iPhone which Steve Jobs For the First time make video call from it we have these kind of memory still alive with us why we still using it we can’t ignore that current apps are not support for iPhone firmware However we found apps which can be Free Download Best App For iPhone 4 in 2018
Most of the Basic Apps are upgraded to iOS 8 and iOS 9 which can’t be able to download to iPhone 4 now but we listed apps which currently compatible for iOS 7.1.2
Few Apps might not stable to use but still able to run it on iPhone 4 listed apps can be downloaded directly using your iPhone which requires iOS 7.1.2 but few apps are upgraded right now but still it can be downloaded if you are unable to download this see this first you will understand    

Apps You can able to downalod

Snapchat : Snapchat still can be downloadable in your iPhone 4 which need to be download with the compatible mode 
WhatsApp : WhatsApp Still Currently Supports iOS 7.1.2 and can be able to downloaded easily with your iPhone As using WhatsApp no leg while using it and you can still use it is the best part most of us using WhatsApp right and you can’t ignore that there is time came when WhatsApp also upgraded to later version of iOS in Future  
Facebook and Messenger : Facebook and Messenger App not currently on default iOS 7.1.2 which requires iOS 9 or later if you tried to download might you experience that it requires iOS 9 but you can still able to download it with compatible version for iPhone 4  
YouTube : YouTube has upgraded a long time ago but if we look back YouTube iOS 7.1.2 version App was not available on App Store but few month ago it on App Store and you can’t believe that i download it checkout how to install it  
Skype : Skye currently upgraded to the new iOS and requires a latest iOS version and in order to download Skype you need to do same go with compatible mode otherwise you can use alternative video calling app like iMO 
Instagram : Instagram mostly people using this time and its available Android and iOS both however the current iPhone 4 still capable for install as we already done it if you want checkout we give link to checkout       
True caller: True caller is also mostly use app in calling in order to identify who actually calling and it also filter the spam callers this app right now able to downlaod without compatible mode  
UC Browser : While Most of upgrading to the latest iOS version but UC browser is still supporting iOS 7.1.2 Firmware is best who want to downlaod it right now it can directly able to download not require any compatible mode
UC News :UC News which another app which supports iOS 7.1.2 firmware so this app no leg to use you can directly able to download    
Google Chrome : if you ask which app fastly moved to letest iOS then answer is clear the Google Apps while Google Chrome still can able to downlaod in iPhone 4 but things is that it really legs so recomanded to use Safari inserted Google Chrome 
Google Map : Google Map has also with same issue it also upgraded to the latest version of the iOS and that not means it cannot be able to downlaod most of Google can be downlaod with compatibility   
And you can also able to downalod this app also Ganna : Ganna, Savan , JioTV,  JioCinema,  VLC , We Chat,  Viber etc
iPhone X now available right now but if you still use iPhone 4 which means you can’t acess most apps however Good is that Games are still available to play in 7.1.2 firmware
So Soon we coming with a list of games that still supports 7.1.2 firmware
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