How to get Free Apple Music Trial Working Method[Top 5]

Looking for an Apple Music Free trial so you are right place we are going to tell you the working ways to get Apple Music which has been tried most of them are working for now where you can take advantage to get a Free Apple Music Trial

Believe me, once you opt the Apple music I don’t think you would go for any other music app that’s the reason why I am still on Apple music for more than a year now 

Why Apple Music 

If you are using an iPhone, iPad most likely Apple Music comes pre-installed

I am aware that Apple gives a free trial of Apple music when I was using one of my first iPhone 4 but never tried it due to problems with the card issues again however things are changed so far in 2022

In 2020 I opted for the Apple Music free trial before I mostly used other music streaming apps but after that things changed and stuck to Apple Music due to

  • Dolby Atmos with Spatial Audio Support 
  • Lossless Music 
  • Most of the Music is available 
  • Music Videos are also Available 
  • No Ads at all
  • See What our Friends are listing 
  • Can download songs liberty up to 1,000,00
  • Works with Android too
  • Offline listing 
  • Animated Art on Playlist, Album, and Artist Page 

it seems hard to leave Apple Music

(Note that: to listen lossless you require a DAC with a supported headphone also the spatial audio requires having H1 Supported AirPods and Beats headphone that works perfectly on AirPods Pro and AirPods 3rd Generation)

if you have Apple’s AirPods or any pair of Beats Headphone the experience is quite amazing you love the spatial audio for sure 

Apple Music is one of the best Music Streaming services when it comes to Ad-free listing that supports not only lossless music but you also get the Dolby Atmos again without expending any extra money

that sounds Great 

Do this Requires Payment Methods

To Get the Trial Apple Music in most cases you require a payment method like Credit Card and more but if you are living in India you find difficulties with payments but still, you can do with UPI and Netbanking but the thing is that you must have a minimum one month of Apple Music Balance otherwise you can’t get it 

As Apple Already Stops Debit and Credit card Payments in India 

How to Canel Apple Music Subscription  

Yes You can cancel the subscription if you wish that you won’t need or if you continue money will be deducted for sure 

If you are a person who wants to cancel the subscription where you can 

Two Ways to do it 

on the Settings 

Click on your Profile 

Click to Subscription

Or In Music App 

Click on the left 

Go to Manage Subscription 

You will find to cancel

On both Side, you will find this setting to cancel the Subscription

The first thing you can do is that you go to its official Music page that there indicates whether you can eligible for the trial or not this only works if you did not opt for any ongoing trial first you make sure you do it with your iPhone and iPad 

Right now you only get a month of the trial here previously apple offers up to 3 months you need to provide payment details like a credit card to do this the best thing is that you can cancel the subscription

How to Get Free Apple Music Trial

Apple Music Free Trial with Bestbuy 

This is one of the things that you can grab for up to 6 months of Apple Music this offers works in a certain location where this works for new users who are willing to get the trial as you get the code you need to redeem it 

Offer Page 

Note that you need a payment method to get it if you are enjoying then no worry but not satisfied with the service make sure to cancel the subscription before it ends otherwise you get charged 

Apple Music Free Trial with AirPods and Beats Headphones

The next thing you need to know is that you can get up to 6 month’s trial with the purchase of the Beats and AirPods which again not all of the products only with some selected Airpods and Beats Headphones and this is worth it 

Offer Page

With AirPods and Beats Headphones most likely you can experience Dolby with spatial audio

Apple Music Free Trial with Shazam

Most of you don’t know that Shazam offers again Free Apple Music Trial which again depends on how many months you can get mostly two or three months that is something that helps you to try out Apple music but this only works if you won’t take any other trial from Shazam otherwise this won’t work 

Apple Music Free Trial with Apple One 

Apple One is something that offers most of Apple Services in one bundle you will not get Apple Music but also get many other things included like iCloud+, AppleTV+ Apple Arcade, and more again this won’t work if you take a trial in previously 

So these are some of the ways you can get the free Apple Music to try out