Can We fix iTunes not Showing App Store Solved

Can We fix iTunes not Showing App Store Solved

I Know you are trying a lot but App store now showing app’s in iTunes so how we can fixed it and normally its ok if there is no apps store is showing on app store but those who directly download with their iPhonet H’s so here We fix iTunes Not Showing App Store

if we looked out to App store most people likely downlaod apps over their iPhone not iTunes and we normally to use it sync music and videos to our iPhone but reality is that for me i don’t sync iPhone for music or any video due i stream online a lot different people have different reason’s for using iTunes

Things you can do with iTunes

Have iPhone but not have iTunes I know most of us don’t have due to less usage of it for me must have for every users but lack most of us don’t PC’s so it not necessary to have but

In some case you must have due

  • Sync Music
  • Sync Video
  • Upgrading iPhone/iPad
  • Restore iPhone/iPad
  • Backup iPhone’s

and one last thing most of use it for downloading old apps from app store

But If you are using an old iPhone like

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5 or 5c

When i Tried myself to Install Apps on iOS 9.3.5 i found that App store not showing on my Windows PC and I worried that if App Store wasn’t showing how i Download App

How i Fixed iTunes not Showing Apps

As i tried to download apps over the iTunes latest version on my Windows PC i don’t find any option of apps store so i little worried what to do then finally found how to fix the issue

First we need to downgrade the iTunes due older version support apps installation form it so first you need to simply uninstall the latest one and

Download this for

Windows 32 bit and for 64 bit


after downlaod this you need to get back if you install this hope this would help to fix iTunes not showing app store

So Does it Works for You or not Let Me Know in comment

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