How to Fix iOS 17 Stuck on Update Requested

Most of you looking for iOS 17 update which is still in developer beta right now and in the coming July you most likely be getting the public beta for sure but when it comes to the installation part many of us still face update requests on iOS 17 what the exact reason and how you can overcome this

I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 17 beta and face the same called the update requested but it was fixed so again if you face the same let’s fix it

Why it’s stuck on the update requested

When you try to request an update most likely send a request to the server it will not show and if stuck on the update requested you will find no progress bar is showing as it downloading the update so why this even happened

There are multiple the reason behind it what works for me is free up space as this requires more storage than often if you are trying to install devices like iPhone XR or iPhone 11 that have a 64 GB variant you need to need free up some storage in order to Install it

Fix iOS 17 update stuck on the update requested

So I did what I free up my space uninstalled some apps and it was fixed it starts preparing the update However, might there be other issues also responsible for not updating which I mentioned below

First Check Your Connection

In most cases, the issue persists due to your Wi-Fi connection not working properly or being unable to send the request to the server so it’s obvious it’s still showing stuck to fix this you can try is to

Restart your Router: if you restart your router most likely it will resolve many problems if this effect your updating process it still shows the same thing what next you can do

Change the WIFI Network: I Know that Restarting the Router not working for you so what next you can do to change your WIFI network will help to rid out the situation

Rest your Network Settings: if nothing works for you can also try to rest your network setting also

Check Your Storage

As I already mentioned above that Storege is an issue where I am unable to update so next you can check your storage it will be showing full then you need to free it up what you can do

Try Uninstall Apps: Apps usually kept size than usual which you require to uninstall that are no longer in use or something that consumes most of your storage

Else you can also do is to remove big files that consume more storage like Photos and videos especially if you are using iPhone like iPhone XR or iPhone 11,12 with 64GB

Try to delete the update file

I know that you are still unable to update but you have downloaded the update file what you can do is try to delete the update and try to do it again it will start downloading the update again but make sure you connected to the internet

Try to Restart your iPhone

The next thing you can do is to try to restart your iPhone and again request for the update I will show up or you can update using your computer

So These are some of the ways in which you can try to fix the iOS 17 update requested in most of the connections is the biggest issue why the update is stuck

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