Fix Battery Draining iOS 15.7.8 iPhone 6s,6s Plus ,7 & 7 Plus

iOS 15 still runs on some older iPhones including the iPhone Se 1st Generation 6s,6s 7, and iPhone 7 Plus, and still you get the security updates on your iPhone but one the common problem that everyone is frustrated with is the Battery draining issue in iOS 15.7 due to many reasons like your battery health drops or your iPhone heats a lot is there is any way to fix it

Or do we need to replace the battery everything I will discuss in this post?

Why My iPhone Battery Drains Fast on iOS 15

No matter which iPhone you are using at some point you will notice that your battery starts draining more normally than usual is the first indication that something is not right or maybe you are using your iPhone a lot doing heavy tasks or background tasks or your iPhone taking consistently using location

All you need to figure out first but at below 80% battery health you will experience a lot of battery draining issues it also depends on the battery does it have an original or using any third-party ones

How to Fix My Battery in iOS 15.7

The First thing you need to always check is your Battery health is most cases battery health is a problem so make sure that your iPhone has 85% and above I know it seems not possible for some of you to have a battery of less than 80% due the iOS 15 running iPhone’s are very old or you are using a third-party

(But, I will strongly recommend you replace the battery if it’s below 80% )

or if you have at least 85 and above still drains which means the battery heats a lot or you are using a third-party battery so following these will not drastically increase the battery health performance but you will notice some positive effects as the battery will save for sure

Enable Dark Mode: Most of heard about the Dark mode I found that it saves battery normally if you use it you will experience some positive effects compared with the light mode I often use this in all iPhones that I am currently using you need to use the same

Disable Mobile DATA: I know that most of us require mobile data when we go out and WIFI is not available everywhere you can do is what when you think that there is no need for Mobile DATA you can simply turn it Off compared with WIFI mobile data eats lot of battery so use mobile data when needed

Decrease the Level of Brightness: The next thing you can do is just to Decrease the level of the brightness on your iPhone not very low and adjust it according to what best suits you but don’t do above 50 % try doing it

Disable AirDrop: Most of you will notice that AirDrop is also enabled when you don’t need it you can also disable and use it only if needed

Disable Location: When it comes to the location huge amount of battery drops if you allow for the apps you can do is just limit certain apps or if you think it will ok to disable them you can do it as well in some cases few apps may not work that primary requires location

Disable Background App Refresh: You will notice that sometimes apps that are running background apps refresh, mail fetches other things that running in the background also drain the battery if you find your battery giving good performance don’t disable it you think you can disable it the same

Enable Reduce Motion: If you enable Reduce Motion you will notice that animation won’t work while you use an iPhone like when you open the taskbar, minimize the app, or do any other task animation will not work as normally on an iPhone

Use Black Wallpaper: You can also use Black Wallpaper which you will find on your Wallpaper don’t need to take it in other ways simply add it to your wallpaper

Enable Low Power Mode: At the End, you can use your iPhone with Low-Power Mode it will stop background refresh and other tasks that will help you save a lot of battery if your iPhone Drains battery a lot

Don’t use Multiple Widgets on your Home Screen: If you are using multiple Widgets on your Home Screen then you will notice that some of the widgets need location access like weather which updates every 15 Minutes so try to avoid using widgets or use it with some limits

Keep in mind that no matter what you do if your iPhone heats up a lot will drain the battery You can also check the software updates and update whatever is available to install for your iPhone

When to Replace the Battery

if your battery is all okay giving the peak performance is all good but strongly recommend you replace the battery below 80% All you do the final if nothing works out for you

So, these are some ways that can help you save the battery from draining in iOS 15.7.5