Facebook Lite iPhone 3Gs and 4 [Reality Check]

Facebook Lite iPhone 3Gs and 4 [Reality Check]

Facebook is everyone’s favorite even I also uses a lot share memes and reacting on it and Facebook is there with me from a long time I know most of you use Facebook in your own way by the way most of us like their regular mobile version and many of them relay on the App but the original Facebook app which very big in size so I often use mobile site but can we able to Install Facebook Lite iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

Mobile Site gives you classic effect however you can do lots of things on it in our childhood days we uses it mobile site for chatting where the chat feature is totally new where we can see ours friends our online or not so it’s pretty good with those days in Facebook

Facebook on App store and Play Store

Facebook came back at October 29, 2011 on App store as well as on Android so on the starting version are pretty much great however the current generation Facebook app requires a lot storage however if you are using a old iPhone itself as Facebook Provide compatibility option on Your iPhone even if You use iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 so its good

I Know there is time where we used Facebook App on Nokia’s Symbian Phone, Nokia S40 phones as Facebook supports for the feature phone on that time I don’t know how many of you still use older Nokia Phones

Now the Facebook Lite available

Facebook Lite for iPhone

When it Come Lite my Mind usually divert to Android As Lite apps are usually started with Android Go where most of the apps came with the lite Version such as Skype, YouTube, Chrome etc as it needs lower specs

Facebook lite is small in size in App Store it requires 10 Mb and Android Only 1.1 so pretty small is size as it requires low data its good to use  

Does it Available to iPhone 3Gs and 4

I thought once a day happens with Apple App Store so we can see lite Apps on it but however there is no lite apps I found excluding Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite where apps are in low size and consume low data which is good for an old iPhone where usually older iPhone’s have low spec

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But it Requires iOS 9 or later means we can’t able to install to iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 in order to use Facebook Lite We need atleast have a iPhone 4s or later as it not good for the older iPhones such as iPhone 3Gs and iPhone

Here’s What Facebook Lite for iPhone 3Gs and 4

Whats You thought about it

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