Is YouTube for iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.6 still works

YouTube is out of the A to Z videos are available to search and watch YouTube is Widely popular across the world and because of its engaging videos are really YouTube very helpful in any aspect despite YouTube iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.6 which is nowadays is old and hopefully, apps are just moving to the latest iOS version which clear meaning over here that iPhone 4S owners no longer have access latest version apps installations Developers not doing this from nowadays they continuously updating apps to the latest version due to new improvement, and security fixes

How to Install YouTube on Your iPhone 4S 

Yes it is True that Yes You Can Still Use the YouTube App App On iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 9.3.6 Which is Possible Here You Need to Know That I use an iPhone 4s as a secondary and its supports YouTube 2020 but how you can able to Install it Right now that the Point

There are Three Types of People

Once Who Downloaded before but no longer can able to Install due it says”unable to Install” and

Type Two Who Never Downloaded YouTube Before Do They Use New Apple ID both have this error

iPhone 4s YouTube Unable To Install

So let’s Fix it Right Now  

How You can able to Download YouTube for iPhone 4s 

So, If You Want to Install YouTube as I Installed it Properly without having Jailbreak usually use multiple iPhones which allow me to download old apps on my older iPhone but don’t worry if have only one iPhone there is a way to resolve it but not guarantee that its works in near future

If You Never Downloaded YouTube Before Your iPhone 4s then I strongly recommend you first do this at least Download iPhone old Apps


Go to Your Purchased List Find YouTube

Now You can download the app but it wasn’t the latest but still, you can use the iOS 9 compatible version

YouTube iOS 9 Version

Finally, after Install it working, and still You using it

Working With Dark Mode You can enable it in the settings

Third Type of people

Youtube is no longer working on iPhone 4s anymore whenever you open it requires to update which means that its time that Youtube now supports the latest version of iOS version and you need to think about having a new

What if YouTube App is still not fixed iOS 9.3.6

I know that most of you can’t able to install youtube now which is the biggest problem on 4s and this is not the first time Youtube Ap is not supported when I have iPhone 4 same thing has happened to me but did you know that you still have the access to YouTube but not an app but you can still use in your iPhone in Safari

Any alternative way to use Youtube on Your iPhone

YouTube now requires iOS 12 and my strong recommendation is that you require to have a new iPhone which at least supports the iOS 12 for now such as iPhone 6 or iPhone 7

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How do i Get YouTube iPhone 4s

Yes it is Possible to it Doesn’t matter if You have iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 9.3.6

Can it Play Videos

No Video playback is Supported on the app Videos to Play

Will YouTube App Work in Future in iPhone 4s

No longer works

Does it Support Dark Mode

Yes it Supports Dark Mode as Well

Is Youtube App Support in 2022

Youtube is App is no longer supported in 2022

How to Watch Youtube Now

The only way to Watch Youtube is to Upgrade your iPhone that runs iOS 12

Does it work on an iPad that runs iOS 9.3.5


Does YouTube works on Safari in iPhone

No longer Working

Ajay Sharma

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