Download and Flash official Signed Android Nougat into Sony Xperia Phones(in-depth)

Download and Flash official Signed Android Nougat into Sony Xperia Phones(in-depth)
Most of Phone currently upgrading however there is few phone still survive older version of OS the reason the Phone Companys  is actually responsible for that they set minimum time framework of up gradation which means few phones are not got the Latest build of OS Saidly cynogenmod project yet no more however it can be installable when you searching for Android Nougat up gradation you are right place why
In this post we go deep inside of the process which  means installation process much understandable for you there is demo guide at bottom which you got reading this so now if you are using Sony Xperia Phones right now and want to flash your Sony Xperia Phones to Android Nougat this was an unofficial method to update your Sony Xperia Phones.if you want update your phone right now then you can follow us to update your Xperia Phones

Why to Flash Lineage OS into Sony Xperia Phones

Sony Xperia Phones are not running the official build of Android Nougat but there is Certain tweaks not available in stock version of Android Nougat yet if you earlier used Android Marshmallow based on Cynogenmod you may heard well the customization that you can only can be create after Flashing cynogenmod however Lineage one of great Custom OS while comparing with Any custom Android ROMS    
Few of the Xperia Phones are Right now running Android Nougat into their device and other Xperia Phones not included into Android Nougat Update Schedule If you are running still the last version stock update provided by Xperia Phones However if not satisfied with version what you are running right now want make changes to your current operating system so now don’t need worry about come on right you can update your Xperia Phones to Android Lollipop to Android Nougat
Yes you have to know that this is not the official this method is purely Lineage method with your Xperia Phones and really works well but you properly flash this ROM into your Device.
Doing wrong may laid your Xperia brick but if you follow us then you can update right now with no issue
Download Requirement
There is two there is your choice what version you want to install and there is need TWRP recovery in Order to install cyanogen package and make sure your moto e needed rooted don,t worry if don’t know how to root
Also See, How to Flash TWRP and Cyanogenmod Recovery 

Yes you know how to Root your Xperia Phones after rooting your device now it time for flash the Lineage OS based ROM
Maintain at least following 
Backup your Device (Recommended)
Maintain charge at least 70 %(chances brick if flashed at low battery)
Flashing Time    
Before you Flash
Android2techpreview is not responsible for any damages you are own responsible we are checked out in our device working well
Checkout a Demo Lineage OS Installation Guide here which Help you Do Proper 
Boot your Xperia phone into Recovery (Pressing Volume Up+ Power Simulate)
Now you Booted into Recovery
First take wipe you data cache dalvik
Make sure placed ROM into SD card
Find Lineage OS file.Zip
Now Flash it
Wait until it takes Flashing
Yupp.. Flashed
Why install GApps
GApps is collection of Stock Google App that require in order to properly Run device if you are using a Custom ROM like Lineage or CynogeMod if you not flashed GApps you are not able to watch YouTube like Services also You Cannot even able to Download Google Play Store Apps So kindly flash After Flashing the Lineage OS or Any Custom ROMS You should have to flash the earlier download GApps make sure downloaded before now after placing into your SD flash it same
If any issue occurs while flashing GApps it basically happens with the insufficient storage in your device so prevent this issue make sure you flash the Pico version of the GApps
After successfully Flashed GApps now you properly Flashed Android Nougat into Xperia
Finaly Reboot
Oh Yeah..
You are Booted in Android Nougat
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