Does Dolby Atoms Works on Older iPhone’s

Apple doing something different with Apple Music with some extra features so far currently Mobile data streaming supports High-quality ACC 256Kbps but its upcoming feature will support the lossless & spatial audio with Dolby Atoms but will these features will work on older iPhone’s

Lossless allows rewrite the original file in a more efficient way which makes no loss of the quality of file result file if you have the latest iPhone like iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 then you get support both lossless & spatial audio

Which iOS version is supported

As a recent update, iOS 14.6 is about the release which adds more features, and its added a few more things on Apple Music such as selecting the quality on mobile streaming as lossless quality but the end of 2021 will expect all songs available on the lossless quality

But, few users reporting that this features won’t get visible to their iPhone’s which indicates that this is an server side update and not yet available region like India which may get soon

Why Dolby Atoms

Dolby Atoms is surround sound technology provided by Dolby laboratories & it has the ability to enhanced immersive sound experience which makes sounds far better than the normal as most of you experience somehow in movie theaters really sounds are immersive

Which iPhone supported Dolby Atoms

When is come to iPhone which supports Dolby Atoms which require H1 or W1 supported AirPods or Beat Headphones but on older iPhone such as iPhone 5s to iPhone 8 may not be supported for the Dolby atoms according to Apple’s device support iPhone XR(expect SE 2020) and later iPhone 12 will support Dolby Atoms playback both on built-in speaker & headphones but it the Dolby Atoms is still missing on your iPhone means you need to wait for few days or month

if you have AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPod Max, BeatsX, Beats Solo, Beats Studio 3, Powerbeats 3 & Beats flex which works on iPhone 7 and later iPhone with 14.6

Does it Work on my iPhone 5s,6

No, You need to have at least an iPhone 7 and later iPhone’s which means older iPhone won’t get the Dolby Atoms as it requires to have iOS 14.6 whereas older iPhone like iPhone 5s, & 6 running on iOS 12, and it’s clear that it will only support on latest version of iOS 14.6 or higher