Do Possible to Get Nougat Navigation Bar without Root (Solved)

Do Possible to Get Nougat Navigation Bar without Root (Solved)

its actually Possible to Get Nougat Navigation Bar without Root Do you Seen Your Fried Has Google Pixel Device and you are impressed on the Phone and you kept your Eyes on the cool, smart, color Nav bar however I seems that right now I Am using A Moto Device yet there is Old Lollipop Nav  Bar yet but now I Have the Similar Nougat Navigation Bar here is the Cool think I won’t  using Xposed Tweaks  even Not Rooted My Phone Yet

So most of you know that there is something new with the Pixel Device yet to say that there is difference between the Nav bar of Android Marshmallow and the currently Running Latest Stock version of Android Nougat the Cool Nav bar yet you seen ever why not there is something new with the Nav bar which is white and the Google Colors are there in Center of it well it looks more awesome but there is one of the lacking things comes to know

Does you need be install Stock Android Nougat or either Root?

However as you can do that with Root yet it possible but either there is possible way to get Android Nougat Nav bar which currently shine on Google Pixel Devices however it means that you can now be able to do that without Root there is no need to be Get Google Pixel to enjoy one of the Great Google Pixel Nav Bar and also there is no matters which devices you are on As Currently I on Android 7.1.2 Nougat and Do that on my Device yet working cool also I tried to install it on Android marshmallow Surprisingly  it working with no Root so you can see below pictures that I Done Well How would it looks like

How To Do that Right Now

Before you do that make sure you install this App which currently absolutely free there is no any extra charges for this particular App you need to install it first into your Device after the Installation Done Now you Need to be Follow this in order to get the Nav Bars

Here is screenshot that helps

Install The Pixel Nav Bar

Open It

Activate it

Choose which Color You want 

Now Look

I think now you know that Shiny Google Pixel Nav bar can Be fit into your Android also what is cool part of that there is no need to get updated the Latest One either No Need Any Root

At the

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