Did You Know How To Use Google Keep For Fast Even Desktop

Did You Know How To Use Google Keep For Fast Even Desktop 

Google Keep always been one of my favorite for  making Note works for me I think without using it how do I record most of my daily task why not Note Making is one of effective way to keep you remind what you record in your note and not also it also remind you if you are finding the Note Making App then so why you wasting time to finding any other App if it can be done with One Google Keep
While This Google Keep Allows to Record your most of the regular task if you are wondering to download and use it well it good for quick record Notes Right now it available most of the platforms like Android, Windows  and iOS also you can easily able to download with official App store from cross platforms
Why To Use Google Keep
Well Right You wondering why to Use Google Keep ?
Did You Know that I am using Google Keep from two years back and really one thing I really liked about Google Keep
The synchronization
Quick Use
Easy pinned 
Draw Note
Image Notes 
Archive Note  
I tried most of  app but one of the problem is that sync is not available which not good while Google Keep Offers Sync features which automatically backup your note also and it easy to use the lack is that most of us not using an stock android devices which means the Google Keep Not Pre-installed
Devices Like Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X , Pixel Devices and Android One Devices Come out Pre-installed as stock app Don,t worry if you Google Keep  Pre-installed you can download form below right
First you need to download the Google Keep Here

How To Use Google Keep on Android

The Basic interface to create a note Lets check this First
To make a Note 
in Order to create Note you have to choose then take a note first and this options are come after clicking take a note which various things to do with the Google Keep checkout here
so these are the Note editing option 
From the + Sign You have Following Creating option 
          Left Button                                      Right Button 
  • Camera                                                      Delete 
  • Choose image                                           Make a Copy
  • Drawing Option                                       Send
  • Recording                                                 collaborator 
  • CheckboxeS                                              Lables 
How to Pinned a Note 
if You want to pinned a note you can easily able to 
First You Need to select the Note which you want to pinned 
and thereafter select the pin above showing image 

How To Use Google Keep on Desktop

As You see above using this on your phone and you can also access with the desktop in order to use this you need to be visited first the Google Keep 
First visit the Google Keep Here
Here the Overall interface 
Here The Creating Note option for Web or Desktop Users 
as seeing this there is no changes on Google Keep on Web or Desktop you can easily to create this tell us what you think about the Google Keep