Clubhouse alternative for iPhone 5/5s/6

The clubhouse is another type of social media where people like us talk with others and really helpful for learning and listening to each other in realtime but despite having an old iPhone clubhouse is require to have at least iOS 13 is there is an alternative you can use into your iPhone

Why Clubhouse is getting popular

When it comes to Clubhouse the thing I personally like is that there is no text, no live stream even no downloading only thing you can do is share your thoughts with a voice that feels more live with life only two participants one is listener and talker where you can join the room and listen and when want to talk the thing you need to do is raise your hands and member of the room can invite you

And also you can join various rooms and even create a room very easily by searching or check your home

Why Clubhouse is not working on my iPhone

Most likely if you running on iOS 13 or later which means you can download and install the Clubhouse app into your iPhone use it perfectly but when it comes to an old iPhone it is obvious that it’s getting older day by day, and supports apps are also getting limited even if we have iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 apps like Twitter, Netflix moved to iOS 13

which makes users for 5/5s/6 owners need to upgrade their iPhone that supports at least iOS 13 or later where you can install most of the apps

Is there is any alternative for Clubhouse for iPhone 5/5s/6

There is an App you most are aware of I personally use it to communicate with each other and the best thing is that it supports iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.4 and with iPhone 5s/6 with iOS 12.5.4 as well and the app called “discord” and it’s not limited to it there are many others apps are also available like “Twitter Space

but, Twitter requires iOS 13 to install into your iPhone