Top 30 Apps for iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12/12.5.5

Top Apps iPhone 6

iPhone 5s and 6 are still valuable and most of us have them and I know you are also an iPhone 5s, and 6 user,s and its been so long for when it comes to updating which is stuck at iOS 12 but still basic things you can like watching youtube, Netflix so on even … Read more

Twitter for iOS 12.5.6 for iPhone 5s,6

Twitter iOS 2.5.5

Twitter is a social networking site that allows us to share thoughts with tweets its widely popular across the world and it can be easily available on iOS’s App Store on Android’s Play Store I know you also use Twitter as I use it often for check what’s trending if you have old iPhone such … Read more

Is Google Chrome Working on iOS 12.5.7 iPhone 5s,6

Google Chrome iPhone 5s

Google Chrome is one of the fast and best browsers comes with great features we can’t ignore that safari provides more privacy options than other browsers but I rely mostly on Google chrome for me most for browsing my fav sites but if you have an iPhone 5s,6 then you are longer able to install … Read more

Clubhouse alternative for iPhone 5/5s/6

The clubhouse is another type of social media where people like us talk with others and really helpful for learning and listening to each other in realtime but despite having an old iPhone clubhouse is require to have at least iOS 13 is there is an alternative you can use into your iPhone Why Clubhouse … Read more

How to Jailbreak iOS 12.5.5 iPhone/iPad Without Computer

its frustrating to jailbreak iPhone with the computer even most of not rely on PC or Mac even we have them that’s why i came up with a new way to jailbreak iOS 12.4.8/12.5.3 iPhone/iPad without a computer This Method is working well you can easily able to do that even i jailbreak with the … Read more

How to Fix Lags on PUBG in older iPhone’s

Fix PUBG Lag in iPhone

When it comes to play pubg especially on iPhone’s so its better to play with good specs but surprisingly older iPhone’s running PUBG so far with overall optimize wih iOS but really it runs smooth as you aspect to play with I played Pubg on other iPhone such as 7 and 7 Plus where the … Read more

Downgrade Any iPhone/iPad Ultimate Guide(Non-Jailbreak)

Downgrade iOS

As I used Most of the time an older iPhone rather then a new iPhone due few older iPhone still capable at least survive a nowadays and it doesn’t mean that all older iPhone usable While form last two years I tried iPhone 4,4s,5,5s,6s Plus and 7 and 7 Plus while found that were the … Read more