Is WhatsApp still Working on iOS 10.3.4 ?

WhatsApp iOS 10.3.4

WhatsApp has recently updated the supported version of iOS and Android phones which indicates that Whatsapp no longer supports older versions of iOS and has already completely stopped working on iOS 9.3.5  This time for iOS 10.3.4 which runs mostly on iPhone 5,5c can no longer able to install WhatsApp you will notice an error … Read more

Clubhouse alternative for iPhone 5/5s/6

The clubhouse is another type of social media where people like us talk with others and really helpful for learning and listening to each other in realtime but despite having an old iPhone clubhouse is require to have at least iOS 13 is there is an alternative you can use into your iPhone Why Clubhouse … Read more

Top 50 Games for iPhone 5s/6/6 Plus iOS 12/12.5.4

Gaming on iPhone is quite good and having an iPhone 5s,6, or 6 Plus seems to get older day by day coming which make sense that if still, you can play games on this iPhone and I would say yes you can still play games on it how far I experienced with these iPhone casual … Read more

Google Chrome for iOS 10.3.4 iPhone 5,5c Fix

Google Chrome is Powered by Google and use by most of the people around the globe and we can’t ignore that in order to use google chrome we required to have iOS 12.2 and later which means that you need to have an iPhone 5s and later but what for Chrome for iOS 10.3.4 Things … Read more

Snapchat iOS 10.3.4 iPhone 5,5c Download

Snapchat for iPhone 5

When it comes to Snapchat for iPhone 5 which is not compatible as mentioned on app store what i tried to install Snapchat so i installed but things are not same if you Install Snapchat iOS 10.3.4 on iPhone 5 You can still Install it but it seems slow if you use also it lags … Read more

YouTube iOS 10.3.4 for iPhone 5,5c

YouTube iOS 10.3.4

The way YouTube Changes our lives and is still one of my favorite apps so it doesn’t matter if you use an Android or an iPhone you first look out for YouTube and one of the most frustrating is that you won’t able to Install it on older iPhone’s such as YouTube for iOS 10.3.4 … Read more

Top 50 Apps for iPhone 5,5c iOS 10.3.3-10.3.4

Apps for iOS 10.3.3-10.3.4

If You still own an old iPhone 5 or 5c and want to download apps into your iPhone so you are in right place here we are here to tell you apps that compatible to your iPhone but before we move I want to tell you that we make a list that hopefully help you … Read more