How to Change Background Color of Home Screen in iPhone on iOS 16 or 17

how to change background color on home screen iphone

I know many of you want to change the background color of your iPhone’s home screen and this can be done no matter which iOS version you are using but you must have iOS 16 or 17 Otherwise this will not work if you try to enable it on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus … Read more

How to Turn On Crossfade on iOS 17 in Apple Music

Are you listening to music and you want to enable Crossfade on your iPhone This is something that most of you are looking in your iPhone when it comes to Spotify This thing is already present so finally you can enable Crossfade on your iPhone in iOS 17 means works almost on supported iPhone’s like … Read more

Fix Battery Draining iOS 15.7.8 iPhone 6s,6s Plus ,7 & 7 Plus

iOS 15 still runs on some older iPhones including the iPhone Se 1st Generation 6s,6s 7, and iPhone 7 Plus, and still you get the security updates on your iPhone but one the common problem that everyone is frustrated with is the Battery draining issue in iOS 15.7 due to many reasons like your battery … Read more

How to Fix Depth Effect not working on iPhone XR or Later in iOS 16

One of the most fantastic features of iOS 16 is a new way of customizing the lock screen of your iPhone but the problem is that most of you are unable to use the depth on your iPhone in this post, I will tell you how to fix the depth effect on your iPhone In … Read more