How to Fix Driver Not Installed in iTunes Windows 10

iTunes can be utilized for many purposes and it’s essential to have it on your PC or Mac without having it you can’t sync anything into your iPhone even those who want to update iOS or downgrade will not work I used it to sync my iPhone data into my PC I found something that … Read more

How to Fix Cydia prefernceloader iOS 12 and later

Just Jailbreak your iPhone and you won’t able to use tweaks into your iPhone and being frustrated and finding solution how to fix the Cydia’s Prefernceloader issue so this happend with my iPhone 5s which can’t able to install tweaks or if your tweaks not works than this will helpful for you What is Prefernceloader … Read more

How to Install AltStore iOS 12-14.5 into your iPhone

how to install altstore

AltStore is an App Store alternative and you can use it best part of this you no need any jailbreak to install it as it requires to have Mac or Windows PC as it easy to install Altstore in iPhone Things you need to know before installing Altstore Altstore allows you to download apps and … Read more

Jailbreak iOS 14-14.4 for iPhone SE,6S,6S Plus,7, 7 Plus and X(A7-A11)

Jailbreak iOS 14-14.4

When it comes to Jailbreak for iOS 14 and the answer is yes you can do but it doesn’t mean you can do with all iPhone’s that runs at current stage only few iPhone’s supported for the jailbreak iOS 14-14.4 and we may seen newer iPhone’s jailbreak in near future to Which iPhone’s can be … Read more

How to Install Android Pie In Your Android

How to Install Android Pie

Android Pie Brings one of the best android experience you want to go through it and normally android pie not running most of the devices one of reason that android pie not running due the update not roll-out or update period of your android expire or your phone not listed for Android pie update so … Read more

Step-By-Step Process to unjailbreak iPhone without Any iOS Restore

Step-By-Step Process to unjailbreak iPhone without Any iOS Restore Most frustrating time while unjailbreak iPhone why not it really hard for few of us but it really hard this days most of jailbreak and start finding to un-jailbreak I am not saying you won’t jailbreak your iPhone but you need to know that jail braking is actually … Read more