Can you able to Play PUBG on iPhone 4 here is the reality

Can you able to Play PUBG on iPhone 4 here is the reality

PUBG on iPhone 4
I played lot of games on my iPhone 4 and believe or most of games playable on iPhone but in terms of apps were moved to latest version iOS but you still find that most of games still support on iPhone 4 such as GTA san andeas, Real Racing this needs high graphic but luckily iPhone 4 can also you can play light games such as temple run, subway surfers,  clash of clans this all games are still be played on iPhone  4


If you are looking for PUBG on iPhone 4 so here you need to know something that does it really you can play PUBG on iPhone 4 so lets try searching on app store finding out does we can able to play or not reality is that you cannot be able to play PUBG on iPhone 4 even PUBG won’t run on iPhone 4s so why you won’t be able to play PUBG on iPhone 4

Is there is PUBG alternative available for iPhone 4

Well I found app store where I found nothing except alternative of PUBG but not again it needs iOS 8 OMG the hope it would be available for the iPhone 4 but reality of PUBG alternative for iPhone 4s is available  

I am no longer using an iPhone 4 because is stuck on 7.1.2 and it really frustrating to using in nowadays and I respect iPhone 4 due to it last longer to me

We can’t ignore that its to old iPhone even it cannot able to installed basic apps were most people need to have on their iPhone Yes I am talking about the apps that every smartphone users have  it not about iPhone and Android all user need this app and they won’t actually there smartphone without this apps were nothing

The social media apps on iPhone 4


At the end

If you are going to play PUBG on IPhone you need at least have an iPhone 5s

Hopefully you understand PUBG on IPhone 4 won’t able play