Can you Able to Install YouTube on iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12.5.7

Can you Able to Install YouTube on iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12.5.7

Are you still using iPhone 5s and 6 you are already aware that YouTube now requires iOS 14 so this has not just happened with only YouTube itself more likely many apps now need at least iOS 13 and iOS 14 so what you should do now everything I will discuss about YouTube for iPhone 5s,6

Things you need to know about iPhone 5s,6

iPhone 5s and 6 both are different at first but iOS 12.5.7 which common you will find in both running now for me, these iPhones still look perfect to hold in your hand but things are changed so far in the span of nine years a massive upgrade to features that we can see right now on latest iPhone’s were iPhone 5s & 6 lacking due to hardware limitations in 2023

Why YouTube Requires iOS 14

As you already know this is not something that just happened to you already older iPhones like 5,5c where not support YouTube Anymore and one clear reason is that these iPhones are very old and some features will not work if you still using YouTube now on the iPhone 5s,6 which only work with the latest version of YouTube App

Before iOS 15 there is no such thing where exist but after iOS 16 things changed Most likely this is a clear indication that no matter if YouTube works now in iOS 12.5.7, will not work in the future sure

Can we still Install YouTube on iPhone 5s,6

You want to know can we able to Install YouTube on iPhone 5s,6, or not as it depends if you are using it right now on your iPhone you need to worry as long the compatibility option is there you can install or you never install youtube and trying to Install it will not work on iPhone 5s,6

Search YouTube on App Store

Try to Install it

Go for the Compatibility version

the reality is that soon it will not work I don’t when but more likely in the future, you will experience the update required on the app will pop-up but this can take time

What Should we do now?

Most people right now thinking about what to do now for me I feel bad about the iPhone 5s,6 but all you need to understand is that in the future more apps will leave support from iOS 12.5.5

Two options left for you

first, you can use Youtube on your iPhone 5s, or 6 for now as long it works or this is the perfect time for you should have a new iPhone that supports at least iOS 16 like iPhone 11, iPhone XR, or iPhone 7

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