Can you able to Install Facebook on iOS 12.5.7

It has been almost 10 years now and an iPhone 5s or 6 in 2023 lacks not only the basic apps but is also no longer usable in my personal opinion Unlike other apps like YouTube, and Instagram on iOS 12 you will notice that Facebook has also moved to iOS 13.4 that means if you want to use Facebook for iOS 12.5.7 for now, need a least an iPhone 7 that support iOS 15 which supports most of the apps

Things you need to know about Facebook on iPhone 5s,6

I have tried Facebook out with iPhone 5s and found that it’s working the thing that understand is that you need to rely on its compatible version of the app which might not work in the future or maybe you are required to update the app so please don’t go for iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus at least in 2023 you should consider latest iPhone

Honestly iPhone 5s and 6 one of the great iPhones till now but its way older and thinking about a phone that supports a very long is really surprising This has not just suddenly happened we all know that in the past older iPhones were stuck with this issue so you should start looking to upgrade your iPhone at least iPhone 8 or iPhone XR

Can we still able to use Facebook on iPhone 5s,6

When it comes to using Facebook on my iPhone XR it works great Also I can expect future updates and features So, if you try to install Facebook on an older iPhone I know the warning may pop out that it requires iOS 13.4 and in most cases, you can’t able to install However if you already installed it before then you have the option to install it which you can check out on your purchase history you will find out,

But if not unfortunately there is no way to install it if you just borrowed an iPhone 5s, 6, or 6 Plus

Does Compatibility work with Facebook?

When it comes to using Facebook as a compatible version on the iPhone 5s,6 it works very fine but did you know that you can’t use dark mode on it the dark support on iOS 13 and later iPhone so here you will miss out However I found the setting for dark mode but still it’s not working

Are Reels Supported on iPhone 5s,6

It’s quite surprising that you can not only watch reels but also can able to create reels on the Facebook app that is still good but we don’t know how long it will supported it may be in the future you be required to update Facebook to use reels

What to do next

You need to understand first that the iPhone 5s & 6, and 6 Plus are very old I know you want to get but the reality is that you need the latest iPhone that not only help you out rid the app related issue but also will get time to time but with iPhone 5s the last update was it get iOS 12.57 this year after that there is no still it get