Can we able to upgrade iPad 5th to iPadOS 17

IPad 5th generation is running iPadOS16 which is still great in terms of use for an iPad that is very old now in 2023 in the long term I know many of you are still using it as it is still capable of performing basic task tasks like playing games, watching movies, or any normal stuff you can do with your iPad but can you able to update iPad 5th gen iPadOS 17

For me, iPad 5th generation can still be a good device I know it’s very old for now and also stuck with the iPadOS 16 does it worth using it?

Things you need to know about the iPad 5th generation

iPad 5th Gen is released Back in 2017 and you will notice that this iPad still holds good performance for any lite usage you cannot compare it with the latest generation iPad which is way better and holds great performance when it comes to updates it receives five years of major software updates but it doesn’t mean you cannot use this iPad 5th Generation overall it’s still good with iPadOS 16

Can we able to upgrade iPad 5th Gen to iPadOS 17

Unfortunately, iPad 5th Gen is no longer supported for iPadOS 17 due to it getting very old for now also this iPad gets almost 5 years of major software updates you can still expect of getting security updates this iPad

it doesn’t mean that you cannot use iPad 5th generation as with iPadOS 16 you can still have access to most of the apps and games which means you can still use it but As long as were not supported in this iPad 

overall if you are trying to get iPad I don’t recommend you to go for the iPad 5th generation you should pick at least iPad 9th generation that holds grade performance at a great budget so this time you should avoid iPad 5th generation or still using your iPad 5th gen you use as long as it supported

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