Can we able Downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15

Can we able Downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15

iOS 16 is currently running on almost every iPhone except its previous generation iPhone 7 and 7 plus and we are near to seeing what is going to be new on iOS 17 this year’s WWDC23 as I shared which iPhone will iOS 17 this year

But, when it comes to downgrading iOS 16 to iOS 15 which possibly do in 2023 now or not which still many of you want to know

Which devices in running iOS 16

As most of the devices you see now are running iOS 16.5 like iPhone 8,8Plus iPhone 14 but the point is that can we able to downgrade it back to iOS 15 for now I downgraded it last year which works like a charm due to that you will notice that Apple Signed iOS 15 way back which is possible to do

But now the firmware is no longer signed which means that we cannot downgrade it to back iOS 15 only if signed which is not possible for now if you are looking to downgrade it so if want to downgrade to iOS 16.5 to 16.4 which is possible due its signed and working

if you try to with iTunes I will pop up with an error due to Apple stopping signing and really there is no way to do that for now

Can I Update to iOS 16?

One thing is that clear is that there is a way to move back to iOS 15 but if you are still running on iOS 15 and want to update to iOS 16 will be possible if your iPhone is supported there are multiple reasons why you should go iOS 16 as you get new features that only available if you update things like Customizing the lock wallpaper and so on

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