List of Apps Supported on iPhone 4s[UPDATED]

List of Apps Supported on iPhone 4s[UPDATED]

Where the current generation familiar with X gen iPhone and not also that we also moved to use this however if I have old iPhone’s so what I do use as secondary so you can say I am familiar with old iPhone’s more so on here we tried to show a bunch of list of apps supported on iPhone 4s

Things You Need to Know about iPhone 4s

First I Want to tell you that if expect that I will give a an extraordinary list of apps so you are wrong and going on that way so all the apps I provided in this list will still install-able and it doesn’t mean that this apps will work longer in future

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What you can expect With iPhone 4s

As I tired most of time day to day usage you can use it you can expect normal usage and can’t go for the heavy usage that we ordinary do as minimal usage for me as use as less on old iPhone due sometimes it get many issues as battery drain fast and heat issue

so don’t depend to much on older iPhone the best suggestion I can give to move to iPhone that at least support iOS 13

With iOS 6.1.3 Experience

It obvious that somehow iOS 6.1.3 lacks with one major issue with apps and tried most of the times on iPhone 4s is iOS 9.3.5 with default one but recent iOS 9.3.6 Update for IPhone 4s so on last update for it but what I got over it on iOS 6

For the First time I realize that i done wrong with my iPhone 4s for downgrading iOS 6 Horrible experience how to explain most of apps left iOS 6 with even there is no compatibility option for most of the apps with iOS 6 which is worst scenario

iOS 6 Apps

But I not disappoint with Games over it as I installed Games on iOS 9 so somehow I can able to play games on iOS 6 apps as compatibility such as Temple Run, Candy Crush

Overall the Apps experience is worst over iOS 6

Moving on

With iOS 8.3.6 Experience

After getting bad app experience over iOS 6 I finally decided to jump on iOS 6 so least I can install apps over it I wasn’t wrong if its 2016-17 days then iOS 8 is ok ok experience but again disappointed with overall apps experience over it I got notice right from WhatsApp that iOS 8 support will no longer support later this year currently we can install it over iOS 8

How far I Installed Basic apps Such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube over it  

Finally the Last version of it

With iOS 9.3.6 Experience

At the end its last update right from the Apple and it seems not even the greatest or major iOS update but a minor GPS issue fixed with it things are same as on defult iOS 9.3.5 and we can expect apps to run over it not flawless but it can apps only iOS 9.3.6 supported apps

List of Apps You Can Installed both With Compatibility

AppsCurrent VersionInstall-able Compatibility
Tik Tok
iOS 9YesNot Required
Facebook LiteiOS 9YesNot Required
Facebook MessengeriOS 9YesNot Required
iOS 9YesNot Required
Amazon Prime
iOS 9YesNot Required
iOS 9YesNot Required
iOS 10YesRequired
iOS 10YesRequired
iOS 11YesRequired
Google Photos
iOS 10YesRequired
Pay Pal
iOS 10YesRequired
Youtube Music
iOS 10YesRequired
Google Calendar
iOS 10YesRequired
iOS 10YesRequired
iOS 11YesRequired
iOS 11YesRequired
InstagramiOS 11YesRequired
FacebookiOS 9YesNot Required
GmailiOS 11YesRequired
Google DriveiOS 11YesRequired
EbayiOS 11YesRequired
AmazoniOS 10YesRequired
RedditiOS 11YesRequired
QuoraiOS 11YesRequired
Ookla(Speed Test)iOS 10YesRequired
SpotifyiOS 11NoNot Available
Netflix iOS 12NoNot Available
SkypeIOS 10NoNot Available
Google Chrome iOS 12NoNot Available
TelegramiOS 9YesNot Required

so these what apps supported on iPhone 4s and last updated 2019

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