Apps Can’t Install on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 [Top 25]

Apps Can’t Install on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 [Top 25]

While I Found Searching apps on App Store Apps for iOS 9.3.5 previously and now I am sharing my experience over iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 for the first I tried to look out on App store for both iOS 9.3.5 but here I only share about Apps can’t Install on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2

Why we can’t able to Install Basic Apps

Now, it 2019 and new iPhone’s on the way due its been a long time for iPhone 4 but with iOS 7.1.2 even right now WhatsApp not supports due its hardware limitations and many other issues

Apps that No longer Supports on iPhone 4

So, I Made a list of apps that currently no longer support on iOS 7.1.2 so it worst to have iPhone 4 right now

Instagram : Instagram is a photo-sharing platform you can share with world most of users frustrated due it no longer on iOS 9.3.5 in order to installed this you need to have iOS 10

You can use it Instagram mobile site even for the upload

YouTube : YouTube is longer on iOS 7.1.2 but available for later iOS version due its app no longer works on iPhone 4 and there is no alternative is currently present for YouTube

we Able to Use YouTube mobile Site in iPhone 4

The answer is Yes You can use YouTube but , All You Need to do is you need to visit its Mobile Site as usual to Stream YouTube Content

Google : Google is another and must have app and its top free app on currently app store more likely people installed Google’s app on their App store and best thing about Google App it show you content related to your interest

Google Assistant : Siri By the way the default assistant iPhone and Google Assistant is from Google itself so its your choice which assistant you use but people also start using Google Assistant for me i use both

Google Duo : Google Duo is video calling app and most of user of iPhone uses facetime but few of us including me use Google Duo also and it also good app for video calls

Google Photos : Google Photos is a stock app on android but iPhone user have access to install over the iPhone and save photos in Your iPhone Google Photos Require to have iOS 10 or later

Google Chrome : Chrome is the best Web Browser for me even you also use it on your iPhone and here i am ignoring Safari iPhone’s by Default Web Browser which comes great exciting features but Google Chrome user uses less safari

Google Drive : iTunes cloud backup is limited to 5GB for every user if you require more than that you need to pay for the storage but Google Drive Allows you to 15 of Free storage

Skype : Earlier You can able to Install on iPhone 4 but no longer now it requires to have and its top on free apps over App store

Facebook Messenger : Facebook Messenger is also supports earlier for the iOS 7.1.2 and right now it requires to have iOS 9.3.5 and least an iPhone 4s so but you can go for Old Facebook App

Tinder : Tinder is an dating app more likely popular i think you used before on iPhone 4 but now its also requires to have iOS 10 or later

Twitter : Twitter currently requires to have iOS 11 or later so you need to have iOS 11 but you can’t able to install it on your iPhone

Snapchat : Snapchat earlier can able installed over iphone 4 but it cannot be able installed even iPhone 4s nowadays so older iPhone so you can expect that it no longer for iPhone 4

Netflix : Netflix is another streaming app were you stream original content and other things but if iPhone 4s users can’t able install its app so how we can able installed over iPhone 4

You can go for Mobile site to watch Netflix

Spotify: if you are love music then you once tried Spotify as it available most of region i used it over iPhone 4 but no longer supports now in order to use this app you need to have iOS 10

Shazam : Shazam is great tool and i using back more then 3 years now and it always help me to find songs whenever i can’t able to detect from which album or movie but no longer support even iPhone 4s you need to have iOS 11 for this

Gmail : Stock Mail app offers Gmail however people installed Gmail and once a time installed on iPhone due i manage multiple accounts so i use both and Gmail Requires at least iOS 11 or later

Amazon Prime : Amazon Prime i Used with iPhone 4 works fine but i tried back at 2018 its compatible version but This also not working anymore for iPhone 4 but iPhone 4s users can installed it due it requires iOS 9

Amazon Prime Music : Amazon Prime Music Yet another app from Amazon for music lovers but when it comes download it which not possible with iOS 7 even in iOS 9 it required iOS 12 so You need an iPhone 5s or later

Hulu : Hulu offers live tv, Shows, Movie and its original content and in order to have this app requires to have iOS 11 or later

Soundcloud : soundcloud is basically a streaming platform for music i used certain time in order to use this app on your iPhone requires to have iOS 11

Uber : if you are uber lover and want access to your iPhone you need to have iOS 10

Ebay : Ebay is a shopping portal and currently requires have atleast iOS 11

Picsart : Picsart is another great photography editing tools and currently it requires to have iOS 11

at the end

Reddit : Reddit Requires to have iOS 11

This what i found that most of iPhone users must have apps but sad but this Apps Can’t Install on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2

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