Apple Keynote WWDC17 6 Big Announcement including iOS 11, TvOS, MacOS High Serriea and HomePod

Apple Keynote WWDC17 6 Big Announcement including iOS 11, TvOS, MacOS High Sierra and HomePod

Apple Keynote
Hey there we are back with a new post which absolutely give you a clear idea about this Apple WWDC17 with Big 6 Announcement we are going deep inside of it rather we discuss about what next beginning Apple however So look out over here what are the things are forecast on This Apple WWDC17
What is Those 6 Big Announcement that Apple Announced in WWDC17?
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Which Include Following
  • TVOS
  • Apple Watch
  • MacOS High Seirea
  • Apple File System
  • HomePod
Time To Get In Deep Inside of it Starting with TVOS
TVOS: what is actually of on the New TVOs we are talking about the Amazon Prime Video that Soon can be Seen on All Apple TV Devices for far you should wait for the Amazon Prime Video to come out into your Apple TV According what figure out in Apple WWDC17 it will Rolling out end of this Fall you can expect the the Next year
Apple Watch
WatchOS 4
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Whats New on Apple Watch ?
So here is whole bunch of new feature with the Watch OS either you have to know that Apple Announced the Apple WatchOS 4 here you should figure out this things
Siri wrist List: Here Notification Comes up with what actually are relevant for you for “shows you remainders, Location Information not also that whole new kaleidoscope face it changes slowly and can you forget the Micky Characters in Apple watch however Apple Working on the New Faces which includes Woody, Jessy, Buzzlightyear
personalisation  of activity Center: Personalisation Activity are deep it shows you your Current Exercise Activity For Eg. If you done workout then you are often Given New Challenges to earn reward cool thing may be Applicable for like Swimming , Running Etc Workout Activity more Powerful in this Watch-OS 4 which including the New UI also include music App
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Mac : Whats new into Mac

macOS High Sierra
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Welcome to MacOS New Sierra let me Give of An Example of it
Many of you are Love to Read content online while reading your online Content hopefully not include my Post actually the Automation of Video Playback which really worst in online Content Readability How Far Apple introduce the Auto-play blocking which is Currently on Safari,Apple also introduced most powerful Intelligence Tracking Prevention, Full Window Split Screen Support, Stoplight mails which important And Photos best organised while it ability to detect the Faces Moreover Apple Bringing Apple File System To Mac-OS Metal of VR also introduce on Mac-OS High Sierra
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For Public Beta Sign Up Here (Available Later This Month)
Here the List of Getting Macs
  • Mac Book Air
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac book
  • i Mac

Next What ?

i Mac now upgrading
New Launches
Have you used the i Mac now is upgrading whets new on i Mac
i Mac CPU now upgrading with Intel 7th Gen Intel Core “Kaby Lake” meas Next i Mac going to faster with Higher bases & Turbo frequencies with 10-bit HEVC Decoder also included the Fusion Drive on 27 inch of i Mac, Faster SSD’s and now available for 2TB however there is one New upgrade i Mac can seen which is 2 USB C Connectors on back supporting Thunderbolt 3.
Here is the i Mac can Be Seen
iMac Price
Source: Apple
  • i Mac 21.5 inch (Price $1099)
  • i Mac Retina 4K 21.5 inch(Price $1299)
  • i Mac Retina 5K 27 inch (Price $1799)
Moving on Mac book Pro which  are Running Intel 7thGen Processor like i Mac Mac book have also same Faster SSD, Faster Slandered Graphic in 15 Inch of Mac book Pro So look out Here
Macbook Price
Source: Apple
  • Mac book($1299)
  • Mac book Pro 13 inch ($1499)
  • Mac book Pro 13 inch touch Bar ($1799)
  • Mac book Pro 13 inch 15 inch Touch Bar ($2399)
  • Moving on Next iMac Pro
Apple Announced there is an Upgrade on i Mac Pro powering 18-Core Xeon Processor Running On the Leatest AMD Graphic which is Radeon Vega Graphic having 16GB VRAM and Memory Bandwidth with 400GB of Memory Bandwidth not stooped either  also have a ECC Memory which is 128GB and it has 4X Thunderbolt 3 which has 4 thunderbolt Ports First time Built In 10Gb of Ethernet Apple Sets Price $4999 And Available in December
Meet iPad Pro
Whats New On iPad Pro ?
Advantage of this iPad Pro is First time Ever 10.5 inch of Display which includes True Tone Display, Wide Color Gamut, Ultra-low Reflective,600 nits Brightness and HDR Video so you can Expect Best Performance into the New iPad Pro one  more thing you have to know about that all phone are Currently Running with 60Hz of Display Refresh Rate however now in iPad Pro it Comes with 120Hz Refresh Rate even having 12MP Camera, Optical image Stabilization, High Speed Sensor ,1.8  Aperture  with Six Lens with Quad-LED True Tone Flash with Wide Color Capture Now on 4K video Capture.
IPad Pro
Source: Apple
  • iPad Pro  64GB 10.5 inch Priced  ($649)
  • iPad Pro  64GB 12.5 inch Priced  ($799)
At the End
The HomePod
What is HomePod ?
Homepad is 7 inch Device Covers with 3D Mas-fabric at the Bottom it has 7 Beem-Forming tweeter   array having each individual Driver with upper part having aincreable woofer which Controlling with A8 Chip there is have 6 Microphone There By talking With  SIRI and Price $349 and available later in December
Source: Apple
Finally Jump Out On whole New iOS 11 iOS probably Yes you Guess well the IOS 11 DevPreview there are certain things we can seen Lots of New Features in the Next iOS 11 You can Checkout Here
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