Appcake for iOS 14 iPhone and iPad

Appcake offers to download the apps and games the thing is required you have a jailbroken iPhone or no matter if you have the same it also support the non-jailbreak way to install Appcake recently I did Jailbreak iPhone 5s with this it offers tons of apps and games but only thing I used it to do jailbreak

What is Appcake

Appcake is one of the oldest Alternative App store which i used back at when i have my iPhone 4 basically it allows you to download and install unsigned apps with it which you require to have App Sync unless the apps won’t install and it’s developed by iPhonecake team which is free to Install

Is iPhone is Compatible with my Old iPhone

As I already told you that I used it on my old iPhone 4 which stucks at iOS 7.1.2 but the legacy version of Appcake 4(Legacy) 4.96 at least require to have iOS 7 or later which means if you have iPhone 4s or later that means you can easily able to install no matter if you are running on iOS 14 tested on iPhone 7


How to Install Appcake no Jailbreak

it offers both Jailbreak & no-Jailbreak to install it and it simple to install it just need to Install it and then only you need to do is just to trust the certificates and verify it with Appcake which is easy or you can go with the jailbreak if you did it before

With Jailbreak

Appcake Also support with jailbreak if you jailbreak with another tool such as checkrain or used with the computer then it can be installed for more you can check out here

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Is Appcake is Legal

its an alternative App store which not came by default in iPhone it can be used to download apps which not available to the App Store it also allowed the pirated version as well which usually paid reason the intellectual property laws of most countries would violate the same

Most of the time you require to install it third party which means you to have Jailbreak your iPhone first According to DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Modifying and Installing alternative stores not violate the law means Installing Appcake and Jailbreak things are not illegal

Is Appcake is safe

Appcake iOS is free and safe to use but as not required an Apple ID but the thing you need to know that I know it secures not guarantee that it fully secured as it offers paid apps which such as Spotify++ and more which illegal however the jailbreak is legal most of the time most we use it for Jailbreak Purpose but it voids warranty of our iPhone to

This is how you can install Appcake for iOS 14 on your iPhone