Android O Set On Target to Hit August 21 (Rumored)

Android O Set On Target to Hit August 21 (Rumored)

Android Updates are First Get Device are always stock one so why there is Google Pixel Device go last year come up with the latest  Android Version last year there is not one example over here is clear view that there is Android O coming this year we got clear idea with Android O Developer Preview Release this year to early to access  while there is not dates are clear people yet on Rumored while as last year Android Nougat announced on September if there is early released done this year means it was really a Great News for All Stock Android user     

But all you need to know you cannot aspect that there is Google Pixel 2 First Device  who  truly First get the Official Android update however there no release date yet no be announced for the Google Pixel 2 but you got Clear idea may be Android O release this August 21 with Google Pixel wait for the official Announcement is 

What you will seen in Next Biggest Android Update there is tons of features are there you can check over here 

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