Android Nougat Release Date For Nexus

Android N Release Date Schedule Should Your Phone Getting 

  Google has Just unviled the Name of the Next Operating Now We Calling The Android N(Nougat). it good to see that People now talking about 7.0 The Nougat .For Forecasting that who will get the update of the new Android Nougat 7.0 the new So here Is Question Aries that which are the Phones are going to updated. You Know that The Major OEM Got update When The New Nexus Device is set to launched so, here is no announced that what phone Are going To be.

Availability Of The Android Nougat 7.0

          We Know that New nexus device set to launch in the For The Next Android Operating The Android Nougat 7.0. After the update roll out for Nexus Device And there after for the Google Play Editions devices.As saying to be the third party Samsung, HTC  and LG should also to be going to prepare for there software update for there Flagship Device.It Not clear that when the Update Should rolling out before going at the end of the Christmas or may be going to later in 2017   
          Here are listed device that are Should going to be update when official update going to be available        
                     Nexus Device Get,s update As Soon as it Available Following Phone Are Update 

1.(I) Google Nexus 5

(II) Nexus 6P
(III) Nexus 5X

Ajay Sharma

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