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Android Nougat 7.0 How to Upgrade Right NowAndroid now release it latest operating system Android Nougat 7.0. This is how called the best android version ever tested by people who are right now upgraded the new Android nougat.what android nougat has packed with going to compare with the Android KitKat version of Android we can say a big difference has come when compare with android KitKat or the older version of the Android we start talking what changes now gonna build up with the Android Nougat the stable version right now is 7.1 and it gonna changes what we think about the Android.

Availability of Android Nougat

Right now with the release with Pixel and the Pixel XL Google release the Android Nougat 7.1 as previous version was 7.0, So when we see the availability of Android Nougat Right now only few Android One Device and the Nexus device were running the latest version of the Android Right now but its now no official words were that First Generation Android One was getting the Android Nougat.But With Unofficial you can able to install one you Android One Right now. Nexus device including the Nexus 6P and 5X right Now Running Android Nougat.if you are using device like Samsung, HTC Xiaomi , Motorola and the Asus user so you are also in the list in upgrade schedule but it takes some time the update arrive near you just wait for the official announcement it chance to you to get the update this ending fall or may be in the coming this year

How To install it Right Now

Are you wouldn’t upgrade your Android version right now so you can upgrade in your phone right now. if your device came under the Android’s beta Program so you can easily chance to get the beta version of Android right now by sign up for Android,s beta program

CyanogenMod Method For the Android One

Android one device that lead Google,s Programme it can say it was joined by around world on the various manufacturer to push Android One Device in the market and launched firstly in India by Partnership with Indian headset manufacturer Micromax, Karbon, and the Spice.when we compare with the Stock Android Os with its Nexus Device Now The Pixel Made By Google it was to to close to stock android experience and tweaking with Android One it Quite Easy and Simple so, whenever the update schedule starts of new Version Of Android the Update comes in few days after its release but there is no Android Nougat 7.0 update have been received on the first Android One Device Right now but the 2nd Gen included to get the update.

Android phone now can be updated with 7.0 of right now as it was in the testing stage means the bug expected with flashing one of common bug was the audio/video codec and cellular data problem except this there is no bug around you may face before going to flashing keep in mind that it was not for the Android One 4GB Modals only it not included 8GB variant phone following phone can be flashed

  1. Micromax Canves A1
  2. Spice Dream UNO
  3. Karboon Sparkle V
  4. Mito Impact
  5. Evercoss One x
  6. Nexian Journy One
  7. Q Mobile 1

Keep in mind that Android Development is not a kids playing Game…☺☺☺☺


  • Firstly needed that you backed up your Data first
  • Your phone Must be Charged at least 60%(Recommended)
  • Sync your Google Contacts and other kind of your of data
  • if not rooted your phone its Important

Files that are need to Flashing Android 7.0

  • Download the cynogenmod14 from the here
  • Download the Gapps from here
  • After downloading both files extract in your SD card
  • Boot your Device into Recovery Mod
  • wipe data and wipe the cache
  • Install both files
  • First install the CyanogenMod package
  • than after install The Gapps

That is all you Just boot your device cheer you are on Android 7.0

Cyanogen Mod has pushed up CyanogenMod Mod that based on Android 7.1 for handful devices as they pushing only for the few of the device right now and other devices can be llisted coming this week for now this device are included
  1. Nexus 6P
  2. Nexus 5X
  3. Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4
  4. LG G3
  5. LG G4
  6. Samsung Galaxy S5
  7. OnePlus 3
  8. Zenfone 2