How to Install AltStore iOS 12-14.5 into your iPhone

AltStore is an App Store alternative and you can use it best part of this you no need any jailbreak to install it as it requires to have Mac or Windows PC as it easy to install Altstore in iPhone

Things you need to know before installing Altstore

Altstore allows you to download apps and games as a third party into your iPhone and it tested works on most of the iPhone such as iPhone 5s, 6 to iPhone X and more but the best part that i like about the altstore is there is no jailbreak is required

so, you can install it without having any jailbreak

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How to Install Altstore on my iPhone

if you want to install alstore on your iPhone than you need a Mac or PC to do that if you don’t have have mac you can go with Windows Pc also make sure you do the following this

You requires iTunes and iCloud on your pc or mac

than you required altserver

iCloud Also Requires


First Install the Altsever in your mac or pc

Than make sure you have iCloud also

than Connect your iPhone to pc

on the Alserver icon start Installing Alstore

it requires iCloud Sign in

you are done

Can i Jailbreak Using Altstore

Yes you can do jailbreak your iPhone with Altstore i done with my iPhone’s to which is pretty easy using uncover as it supports most of the iPhone out there even uncover team testing with newer iPhone’s so its pretty good for jailbreaking too

How to Jailbreak Using Altstore

No Matter which iPhone you are on but your iPhone must have iOS 12 or later means if you are running iOS 14 that you can also do with it as previously shared about chimera jailbreak for iOS 12 which supports iOS 12 A7-A12

But the thing is if you iOS 13 or iOS 14 than you can’t go with Chimera you required uncover to do that

Fix could not connect altsever

One of most frustrating thing that i faced while installing apps on it the could not connect altserver it happens when you tried to refresh the apps or tried installing apps due in order to fix this make sure you connected the same WIFI and the Wifi Sync is enable

Otherwise this issue happens again and again

You Need to Refresh it manually

As this is no non developer ID which means you not paying Apple for yearly so you need to manually refresh the apps otherwise it will revokes

Hope it helped you to install Altstore into your iPhone