Is There Any Alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone 4s

Last year WhatsApp Announced drop support for WhatsApp for the older version of iOS 9 and this did not happen for the first time WhatsApp time to time updates which iPhone will support to use WhatsApp App and currently for iOS requires to have at least iOS 12 or later

This means that upcoming future iPhone 5 and 5c also going drop-in support for sure

WhatsApp for iOS 9.3.6 Work earlier after Drop support

the thing you notice is that WhatsApp working even after it was announced and the only reason why it is supported is due many users are still on iPhone 4s and have not backup their chats yet, which WhatsApp Provides enough time to backup your previous chats and finally in 2022 it’s unsupported officially

WhatsApp Requires update

Why WhatsApp for iOS 9.3.6 is no longer supported

WhatsApp for iOS 9.3.6 is finally no longer supported there are multiple reasons I think that it’s related to expanding features, fixing bugs, and stability which not only WhatsApp even apps like YouTube, Snapchat is no longer supported to an older version of iOS

This is obvious to happen with this iPhone due to it is too old and for me, this iPhone is not usable as much before which supports most apps

Any WhatsApp alternative for iOS 9.3.6

WhatsApp is the App that you use on your iPhone even for me I used mainly WhatsApp due to most of my friends and family also use the same but when it comes to an alternative most of the alternative apps also do not support iOS 9

I found one App on the App Store which supports iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.6 which you can use chats

Telegram is the only App that I found that still works and most of the features like Telegram Web is also supported on this you can use it for now if you don’t have any option to get any device again how long it works we don’t know so my suggestion is to upgrade to new iPhone that supports WhatsApp


Can I use Telegram on iPhone 4s

Yes it’s Working

Is Telegram Web work on iPhone 4s?

Yes its Supports Telegram Web

Can send and receive messages?

Sending and receiving message supports on iOS 9.3.6