4 Tricks to Get Flash Sale Product without any auto by tricks Yes works

4 Tricks to Get Flash Sale Product without any auto by tricks Yes works

You know that there is always flash sale happens quite possible ways but lack on that there is few are got the Product otherwise you won,t got the product however it may be LG, Nokia either one phone which don,t know why but there is no stock left after there is stock come out for buying that product especially in case of Redmi device

Things you may know before doing

Most of us got disappointed while people who luckily got the product however that they are really luckily what are the strategy they adopt to grab that product so if you are one of you are trying to buy out that phone so don,t disappointed in this post I will showcase how I come over to get Redmi Product right on my hand

I got this you can see above         

If you are earlier bought Redmi Phones than you should know that phone earlier sold by flipkart and ordering from there quite easy while comparing with amazon one of the biggest issue on amazon which right occurs while ordering you should have to order with the offer page this is really hard to again and again so what you do

Here is few things you can do get quickly order flash sale product

Make sure you maintain following

Internet connection must be working well in condition

Don,t realy on Mobile data(Jio Ok)

If needed use both PC and Phone  


Choose higher Variant   

Are you currently using with a Phone that’s means you work hard to order take stopwatch near you when the stopwatch stops grabe the deal luckly if then if you proceed for payment gateway then you should payment at right on that moment you should do fast otherwise you got lost the deal

However you do mistake while ordering you go for the cheaper one which already people want that if there is one mistake place while ordering the flash sale

My advice don,t go for the lower variant 

e.g if all are grabbing the 8GB models in flash you should focus for the higher Modals with may be 16/GB or 32Gb

#3 Choose different color

Let me simply ask I know you are answer the same what color of the Phone you should go for ?

Answer Gold variant ! 

No you are wrong here don,t go for the Gold models coz the phone with the Gold version page hold lot of traffic might you experience that amazon got affected and sometimes you will see above this might not be yet I experience so

So what

Left Gold version try focusing on other models you defiantly got the variant
2# Try Login Same Account

If you willing order with same account if you still believe that you can do that so keep the account login into your phone and PC or Mac keep it mind that earlier mention words choose higher and try focusing different color if you success to importing cart if you got phone then do payment fast in phone in case if Mac or PC then quick payment on PC or Mac

1# Help with friend

At last if you are supper exited to order that means you should take help with your friends so how it works so all of your friend have a amazon account now choose different categories of that product

e.g one will choose Gold variant, other black or silver on other-hand keep mind go only for the higher variant you got that product

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